ResponsCRT is providing an easy and efficient identification of patients with CareLink CRT device population with lower activity level, AF onset and/or low Biventricular pacing.


app_respons_image1.jpg The ResponsCRT application provides an aggregated data overview, at clinic level, highlighting patients at risk of sub-optimal response based on an evaluation of their Activity Level evolution. Activity Level evolution is computed by comapring the last 6 weeks versus previous 6 weeks, classifying the patients in 4 categories: more active, stable, less active and low activity. Priority is thus raised for patients in the "less active" and "low activity" categories, where the application allows patient identification through device serial number and provides additional information regarding potential concomitant causes such as poor Bi-Ventricular % or new Atrial Fibrillation Onset. Thanks to the "drill down" capability, patient information can also be managed at the individual level.
  • Version1.0.2
  • Last update01/05/2013
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Available inWestern Europe
  • Supported devicesMedtronic CRT devices
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